Kantvik Shipping


Oy Kantvik Shipping Ltd
Sokeritehtaantie 20
FIN–02460 Kantvik

  Fairway specifications

Kantvik Merikartta


  1. North quay (main quay)
  - length 110 m
  - maximum draught 9.2 m
  - crane hoisting capacity
    with grapple 6 tonnes
    with hook 8 tonnes

  2. Small quay
  - length 50 m
  - maximum draught 5.3 m

  3. South quay
  - length 60 m
  - maximum draught 8.5 m
  - Mantsinen multi-purpose crane, maximum hoisting capacity 20 tonnes

Authorised draught on fairway 9.2 m

The Port of Kantvik has drafted a safety plan that has been approved by
the Finnish Maritime Administration. The Port’s safety manager is Kari Alhojoki.

Environment and waste management
The requirements of a strict waste management plan, which has been approved by
the environmental authorities, are observed in all activities conducted
at the Port of Kantvik.